Meet the Committee...


Martin is our esteemed Chair of Committee. Often to be found rotovating or fixing things when he's not running marathons. He is married to Tracy who is definitely his better half. 


Tracy is our esteemed Treasurer. An expert with chickens and growing in general, she is, unfortunately, married to Martin. She will answer queries about rent and deal with complaints about Martin.


John is our society Secretary and one of the society's longest standing members. He is the perfect committee member to maintain the membership list.



Nigel looks after site inspections and deals with new lettings, so he is the person to talk to about available plots.


Neil brings a lot of much-needed common sense to the committee. 


James manages the website and is often found fighting the war on weeds on his plot late in the summer evenings.

Contact Us

Contact us by phoning 07513341775, see us on site or use the contact box at the bottom of the home page. 

During peak times there will usually be a card in the shop window with name and plot number of a committee member on duty at that time.