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We are a large but friendly allotments society in Hasland, Chesterfield. 

Please have a look at our website and then contact us if you are interested in joining our society.

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Would you like to take on an allotment in Hasland?


Who are we?

Would you like an allotment?

Would you like an allotment?


Ashfield Road Allotment Society runs the Hasland Allotments site for the benefit of currently over 90 members -  including chicken keepers, pigeon fanciers, bee keepers and ornamental gardeners, although the vast majority of members use their plot to grow vegetables to eat themselves.

We are are a very diverse group of people - our members come from all walks of life and we have gardeners from age 5 to 95!  We are always welcoming new members. 

The Society runs on a democratic basis with a constitution, an elected committee and rules that are agreed by the AGM. The land is owned by Chesterfield Borough Council; the Society leases it and runs it as allotments - this is not a council run website, it is run by the Society on a not-for-profit basis. In addition to gardening, we meet regularly without wellies at the local pub!


Would you like an allotment?

Would you like an allotment?

Would you like an allotment?

Whether you are a complete novice or have years of experience you will receive a warm welcome from our members. We are a well established site near the centre of Hasland, with excellent soil for growing and good facilities on site like a toilet and running water near enough to each plot for carrying watering cans to and fro.

Ask us about available Allotments in Hasland - each year we have some nicely established plots ready to take over from retiring members, as well as areas that need some work and imagination. Some plots come with a shed or greenhouse but no two plots are identical. 

The Committee works hard to keep the annual rent down (£15 per plot for 2018-19) so that allotmenteering is available to all! For those who want to start off with half an Allotment in Hasland -we can offer you a suitably sized plot which will be easily manageable, until you find your feet (or wellies). 


New members welcome!

Would you like an allotment?

New members welcome!

Like most allotment sites, we have a waiting list - however with a large site like ours we have plots becoming available throughout the year. New members are always welcomed and advice for new growers is on offer should you need it, from our many experienced growers.

If you are interested in having an allotment with us please contact us through the form below: Please make sure you have thought it through first and considered how much time it will take (at least  a full day a week in your first year). When you contact us please leave a phone number and  your address; we cannot put you on our waiting list without this as our Society rules give preference to residents of Hasland and its surrounding area. 

When a plot becomes available we will ask you to meet one of us on site for a tour and to show you what is available. 

Join our Facebook group

An online community for our members

Click the link below to go to our Facebook group or search for us with "Ashfield Road Allotments". This is a place where members can ask for help and get advice on any aspect of allotmenteering. We are all on site at different times so this is a way to contact each other, for those who want to.

Contact the allotment committee

Use this to ask about available allotments & for members to contact the committee

Ashfield Road Allotment Society

Ashfield Road, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0AZ